Meet Alex the Alpaca, crochet pattern Alpaca, PDF step-by-step tutorial

This is Alex, my new crochet pattern Alpaca, a PDF step-by-step tutorial.Crochet pattern Alpaca

Alex The Alpaca Amigurumi  loves bright colours. With his funky tassels and necklace he’s always ready to party
This crochet pattern Alpaca or this cute finished amigurumi is the perfect gift for Llamalovers and Alpaca addicts! It is 16,5 cm when finished.

I’m so in love with Alpaca’s. They are so cute, funny and fluffy. Did you know that:

  • Alpacas don’t bite, and they have no sharp teeth, horns, hooves or claws.
  • They can die of loneliness. You should always buy them in pairs (or make them in pairs. My Goodness, I must hurry to make Alex a compagnon!)
  • They are the best lawnmowers because they nibble off the top of the plant instead of pulling grass out by the root
  • Their feet have soft pads, which won’t damage the earth

Alpaca crochet pattern

I have crocheted Alex with Alpaca wool.  When your amigurumi is ready you can brush the wool with a Föhnbrush to create some extra  fluffiness. With cotton it’s very hard (impossible) to get this result.


As a foretast, start with making these funky tassels!

  1. Choose your favourite colours.
  2. Wrap the green twine about 8 times around a piece of cardstock (2 cm x 3 cm)
  3. Slide the green twine off the cardstock and pull a pink (double) twine trought the green twine (see photo)
  4. Tie the separate piece of pink twine as tightly as you can around the wrapped green twine.
  5. Cut the twine off the card at the opposite end from gathered side and tie a yellow twine around the green twines.
  6. Trim the ends to a uniform length. You tassel is ready!

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