Free crochet pattern Christmas Hat Garland


Feel the holiday spirit with this free crochet pattern Christmas Hat garland. You can decorate yourself, your tree or you walls. Whatever you feel like!



Xmas hat

t1/ crochet 3 sc. in a mr. with the red yarn. (3)

t2/ Increase in every stich (6)

t3/ *1 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (9)

t4/ *2 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (12)

t5/ *3 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (15)

t6/ *4 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (18)

t7/ *5 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (21)

t8/ *6 sc., increase*, repeat 2 x (24)

t9/ Change to the white yarn to crochet the rim, 24 single crochets (24)

t10-11/ 24 single crochets (24)

Your tiny hat is almost ready!


MAKE A LITTLE POMPON (or buy one and attach it to the hat)

If you have a really tiny fork, you can use that to make a pompon. Learn how to to this here: Making tiny pompons

Sew the pompon onto the hat.



Crochet a 50 cm chain with the golden twine, attach the hats while crocheting, attach a hat every 15 cm and end with a chain of 50 cm again.


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